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West Side Boosters Celebrating 50 Years!

As many of you know, the West Side Boosters are in our 50th year as an Organization. To help us celebrate 50 Years, as a Club/Organization, we are looking for you to submit your "West Side Boosters Story". You can tell us about Anything related to our organization, that helps us highlight our History, Dedication & Tradition on the West Side of Saint Paul! We will use submissions to incorporate in our End of the Year Celebration, Sending through our Social Media Platforms and/or our Website & Newsletter! Ideas could be (Chose 1, or Make your Own!): 1. Alumni Spotlight (Where are you now?) 2. What was your favorite Memory? 3. Your "Booster Biography" - What has been your experience with the West Side Boosters (years of service, participation, etc.) 4. Proudest Moment as a West Side Booster? 5. Favorite Coach & Or Memory of your Coach 6. Thank you - to someone or the organization! 7. What have you learned from being part of the West Side Boosters Program? 8. ANYTHING else related to your experience as a West Side Booster


West Side Booster Club Sponsors

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